The Princeton Review 2024, the 389 best colleges
The Princeton Review: 2024 Best 389 Colleges
Number one in producing medical grads who practice in N.C.
in producing medical grads who practice in N.C.
Top twenty-five percent in graduate programs, U.S. News & World Report
Graduate programs, U.S. News & World Report
Innovation and Economic Prosperity University APLU CICEP
For commitment to economic engagement
Insight into Diversity, Higher Education Excellence in Diversity Award 2023, Diversity Champion
Top Colleges for Diversity, Twelve-time recipient
From student to department chair to director, Michael Harris’ leadership journey in ECU’s College of Business continues.
Martha Elmore wins a statewide award in archives as a testament to her decades of services to ECU and preservation.
Immersed in ’80s anthems, audiences will become part of the revolution at ECU’s Summer Theatre’s “Rock of Ages,” opening Wednesday in McGinnis Theatre.
ECU has demonstrated a commitment to fostering leaders that are dedicated to the pursuit of vital public goods.
ECU Students in Dr. Nathan Hudson’s lab explore blood clot formation to assist with disease treatment.
Explore ECU through the lenses of our university’s photographers.
Take a quick, by-the-numbers look at our university.
ECU is the only university in North Carolina with a dental school, medical school, and college of engineering at the same institution.