Available for media interviews

The East Carolina University experts on politics, campaigns, voters, public opinion and hot topic campaign issues listed below are available for interviews with the press about the 2012 elections. Areas of expertise are listed below contact information.

Video Clips

ECU experts share their responses below to questions related to the 2012 elections. Members of the media may attribute quotations from the video comments.

Peter Francia

How is the Citizens United Supreme Court decision from 2010 shaping fundraising in the Nov. presidential election?
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How might the striking of teachers in Chicago spill over to the presidential election? Why would it have an impact?
Carmine Scavo

Do presidential elections draw attention away from state races, and is that happening this year?
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What are the major issues of interest to North Carolina voters in this year's gubernatorial election?

Brody School of Medicine interviews

To arrange an interview with one of the three faculty members listed below from the Brody School of Medicine, contact Doug Boyd, media relations, at 252-744-2482 or boydd@ecu.edu.

willsonMedicaid, Medicare, health care

Charles Willson
Professor of Pediatrics
Brody School of Medicine

Willson is chair of the N.C. Health and Wellness Trust Fund Commission and former president of the N.C. Medical Society, as well as an organizer of Community Care of North Carolina, a national model for delivering care to Medicaid patients.

fergusonHealth care costs, reform

T. Bruce Ferguson
Professor of cardiovascular sciences
Brody School of Medicine

Ferguson is co-author of the new Institute of Medicine report, "Best Care at Lower Cost: The Path to Continuously Learning Health Care in America."


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lockerbie1Voters, voting behavior and public opinion

Brad Lockerbie
Professor of political science
Phone: 252-328-1066     E-mail: lockerbieb@ecu.edu

National elections, voting behavior, public opinion, religion & politics, polling, media
francia1Voters & religion, labor unions, campaign finance, voter registration, voting equipment

Peter Francia
Professor of political science
Phone: 252-328-6126     E-mail: franciap@ecu.edu

Labor unions; public opinion & political behavior (union members & campaign donors); elections; campaign finance.

EAMON1Politics in the South, minority and urban politics

Thomas Eamon
Associate professor of political science
Phone: 252-328-1061     E-mail: eamont@ecu.edu

Southern politics, black and minority politics, urban politics, political parties, elections, N.C. politics
scavo1State and local elections

Carmine Scavo
Professor of political science
Phone: 252-737-2335     E-mail: scavoc@ecu.edu

State/local elections, media & politics, voting behavior, public opinion, urban politics, electoral behavior.
morrisPolitical communication, public opinion, Congress, elections

Jonathan S. Morris
Professor of political science
Phone: 252-328-1067     E-mail: morrisj@ecu.edu

Political communication, public opinion, U.S. Congress, American politics and elections
baumgartnerElections, media effect on elections, presidential and vice presidential powers

Jody Baumgartner
Associate professor of political science
Phone: 252-328-2843     E-mail: baumgartnerjo@ecu.edu

Campaigns, elections, party politics, presidential power, vice presidential powers.
TROSHANDELInternational relations, the Middle East, conflict resolution, security

Jalil Roshandel
Associate professor of political science
Phone: 252-328-1062     E-mail: roshandelj@ecu.edu

International relations, security studies, weapons of mass destruction, Middle East, Islam and the West, peach research, international negotiation, conflict resolution.
MARILImmigration, border patrol

Robert Lee Maril
Professor of sociology
Phone: 252-328-6147     E-mail: marilr@ecu.edu

U.S. Border Patrol, undocumented workers, illegal drugs and international security
kaneSocial movements, protests, gay and lesbian politics

Melinda D. Kane
Professor of sociology
Phone: 252-737-2478    E-mail: kanem@ecu.edu

Gay and lesbian politics, social movements and protest.
o'dorPresidential debates

Richard O'Dor
Director, College of Business Communication Center
Phone: 252-737-2759   E-mail: bcc@ecu.edu

Presidential debates, debate strategies, campaign gaffes, power words in debates.