Hurricane Irene at ECU

Pictured below are images of the East Carolina University campus during and after the storm.

Click on each photo for a larger image. (Photos by Cliff Hollis)

  Above, left to right, ECU's Spilman building lost part of its roof during the storm. Debris litters the campus mall. ECU Police patrol during the storm.

  Above, left to right, a tree is down along Fifth Street. Noah Poe was part of an ECU coastal storm class investigating the storm Saturday morning. College Hill is pictured as the rains come in.

  Cleanup begins after the storm. An ECU Pirates flag is seen during the winds and rain. A flooded parking lot is closed.

  An ECU student studying coastal storms, Kelsey Mulder measures wind speed and pressure in the Brewster parking lot Saturday morning. Cleanup begins in center image. Far right, Jay Wainwright works with cans catching water in Spilman.

  A bucket truck heads down campus streets after the storm. Franklin Andrews and Henry Henderson remove mattresses and tables used to block a broken window in Greene residence hall. A broken window in Greene is shown.

  A tree is down near Greene Residence Hall. Some students in Greene were relocated to the lobby area. Jay Wainwright works to capture water leaks in Spilman.

  Caution markers indicate areas where recovery work needs to be done. A high water warning marker is posted as Fifth St. floods.  A tree falls near Greene Residence Hall. Heavy equipment is brought in for the clean-up.


Health Sciences Campus

Images below of recovery efforts on the Health Sciences campus show Ivan Armstrong cleaning up debris, left, and Robert Frizzell cutting up a tree that fell on the campus. (Photos by Doug Boyd)