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Eighty-six health sciences faculty recognized for published works

GREENVILLE, N.C.   (Nov. 3, 2009)   —   Eighty-six East Carolina University health sciences faculty were honored Nov. 3 for their published works at the fourth annual Faculty Author Recognition Awards.

Faculty was recognized for 232 entries - six books, 55 book chapters and 171 peer-reviewed journal articles - published between Jan. 1, 2008 and June 30, 2009. A bibliography is available at

"We express our gratitude to all of our authors for their hard work and impressive productivity,” said Dr. Dorothy Spencer, associate vice chancellor for communication and information resources and director of Laupus Library, which coordinated the awards and hosted a luncheon for the honorees.

“This is absolutely at the heart of what a university is all about,” said Dr. Phyllis Horns, vice chancellor for health sciences. “We’re not just here to disseminate knowledge, but to generate knowledge.”

Horns presented book authors with a Laupus bronze, a special award named for the first dean of ECU’s medical school, William E. Laupus. They were James Hupp, dean of the School of Dentistry, Martha Libster from the College of Nursing, Assad Movahed from the Brody School of Medicine, and Elizabeth Layman, Bonita Sasnett and Mark Stebnicki, all from the College of Allied Health Sciences.

Two faculty members in the School of Dentistry, the newest member of the health sciences division, were recognized: Hupp and associate dean for planning and extramural affairs Gregory Chadwick.

Dr. Paul R.G. Cunningham, dean of the Brody School of Medicine, recognized 39 faculty: Shaw Akula, Richard Bloch, Charles Boklage, Paul Bolin, Wayne Cascio, Yan-Hua Chen, Paul Cook, Doyle Cummings, Jeffrey Ferguson, Peggy Goodman, Irene Hamrick, Ruth Ann Henriksen, Donald Hoffman, Christy Isler, Brett Keiper, Kathryn Kolasa, Alan Kypson, Tae J. Lee, Tung-Kwang Lee, Qun Lu, Robert Lust, Juan March, Brian McMillen, Justin Moore, Assad Movahed, David Musick, Dale Newton, Ann Marie Nye, John Olsson, Ronald Perkin, Rachel Roper, Sy Saeed, Todd Savitt, George Sigounas, Ann Sperry, Ken Steinweg, Marian Swinker, David Terrian and Kathryn Verbanac.

“There are far more faculty that have published than are here today,” said Dr. Stephen Thomas, dean of the College of Allied Health Sciences. “I challenge everyone in this room to encourage your fellow faculty to participate and be recognized.”

Thomas recognized 17 in the College of Allied Health Sciences: Richard Bamberg, Paul Bell, Martha Chapin, Kathleen Cox, Anne Dickerson, Denise Donica, Susie Harris, Monica Hough, Terry Jones, Michael Kennedy, Robert Kulesher, Elizabeth Layman, Amy Gross McMillan, Patricia Royal, Bonita Sasnett, Mark Stebnicki and Leonard Trujillo.

“I think this event is so special because it gives us a time to talk to one another and build community in our division,” said Dr. Sylvia Brown, dean of the College of Nursing, who noted the importance of collaborative research and scholarship. Nursing faculty more than doubled the number of peer-reviewed manuscripts published since last year, despite budget cuts and increased teaching loads. “It’s phenomenal what you’ve accomplished.”

Brown, who also published, recognized 24 faculty including Bonnie Ainsley, Martha Alligood, Melydia Edge, Martha Engelke, Paul Gambrell, Laura Gantt, Elizabeth Jesse, Barbara Kellam, Kim Larson, Martha Libster, Maura McAuliffe, Connie Mullinix, Janice Neil, Annette Peery, Marie Pokorny, Pamela Reis, Donna Roberson, Mary Ann Rose, Ann Schreier, Elaine Scott, Nancy Stephenson, Mary Wilson and Carol Winters-Moorhead.

Spencer recognized four authors from Laupus Library: Amy Blevins, Melissa Nasea, Katherine Rickett and Roger Russell.

For the first time, the event was co-sponsored by the Friends of Laupus Library and Matthews Medical Books. Several members of the Friends group joined the celebration including Dr. Richard Eakin, co-chair of the inaugural board and chancellor emeritus at ECU. The Friends group provides support for special programs and activities of the library.

The first Faculty Author Recognition program was held in 2005. The event recognized 66 authors who submitted a total of 144 items. The second ceremony recognized 113 authors who submitted more than 500 publications. The 2008 program included 158 entries, with 59 individual authors being recognized.



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