ECU Buildings

Building Name Campus
ABC Storage - Cross StMain Campus
Arlington Crossing - 1914Main Campus
Arlington Office - 1704bMain Campus
Artifact StorageWest Campus
Athletic Concessions 1Main Campus
Athletic Concessions 2Main Campus
Athletic Maintenance BuildingMain Campus
Austin BuildingMain Campus
Austin Grounds StorageMain Campus
Automotive Shop - Eppes 8Main Campus
Bate BuildingMain Campus
Belk Annex 1Main Campus
Belk BuildingMain Campus
Bernstein CenterWest Campus
Biotechnology BuildingWest Campus
Blount HouseMain Campus
Blount Recreational Sports ComMain Campus
Bloxton HouseMain Campus
Brewster BuildingMain Campus
Brody Generator BuildingWest Campus
Brody Medical Sciences BuildinWest Campus
Building 043Main Campus
Building 098West Campus
Building 109West Campus
Building 122Main Campus
Building 123Main Campus
Building 127Main Campus
Building 133Main Campus
Building 141Main Campus
Building 151Main Campus
Building 158Main Campus
Building 159Main Campus
Building 161aMain Campus
Building 165Main Campus
Building 167Main Campus
Building 172Main Campus
Building 189Main Campus
Building 198Main Campus
Building 206Main Campus
Building 214Main Campus
Building 214AMain Campus
Building 214BMain Campus
Building 214CMain Campus
Building 214DMain Campus
Building 214EMain Campus
Building 214fMain Campus
Building 215Main Campus
Building 215AMain Campus
Building 215BMain Campus
Building 215CMain Campus
Building 216Main Campus
Building 283Main Campus
Building Services - Eppes 5Main Campus
Cardiovascular BuildingWest Campus
Career CenterMain Campus
Carpentry Shop - Eppes 4Main Campus
Carriage HouseWest Campus
Central Utility PlantWest Campus
Chancellor's GarageMain Campus
Chancellor's ResidenceMain Campus
Christenbury Memorial GymMain Campus
Clark-LeClair StadiumMain Campus
Clement Residence HallMain Campus
Coastal Studies Annex (Wrc)Main Campus
Coastal Studies InstituteMain Campus
College Hill StorageMain Campus
College Hill SuitesMain Campus
Cotanche BuildingMain Campus
Cotten Residence HallMain Campus
Country Doctor ExhibitWest Campus
Country Doctor Museum MainWest Campus
CroatanMain Campus
Dartmouth HouseMain Campus
Dental Cslc - DavidsonWest Campus
Dental CSLC - LillingtonWest Campus
Dental Cslc - LumbertonWest Campus
Dental Cslc - Spruce PineWest Campus
Dental CSLC - SylvaWest Campus
Dental Cslc-BrunswickWest Campus
Doctors Park 6West Campus
Dowdy-Ficklen StadiumMain Campus
EAHEC ModularWest Campus
Ecu Neurosurgical And Spine CeWest Campus
Ecu TransitMain Campus
ECU Women's PhysiciansWest Campus
Eller HouseMain Campus
Eppes 6 BuildingMain Campus
Eppes 7 BuildingMain Campus
Erwin BuildingMain Campus
Event StorageWest Campus
Facilities AdministrationMain Campus
Facilities AnnexMain Campus
Facilities Service Center - EpMain Campus
Family Autism Center 1West Campus
Family Autism Center 2West Campus
Family Medicine BuildingWest Campus
Family Therapy ClinicMain Campus
Farmville Glass StudioMain Campus
Firetower Medical OfficeWest Campus
Flanagan BuildingMain Campus
Fleming Residence HallMain Campus
Fletcher Music CenterMain Campus
Fletcher Residence HallMain Campus
FOX HAVEN OFFICE - 102Main Campus
Garrett Residence HallMain Campus
Gateway Residence HallMain Campus
Graham BuildingMain Campus
Greene Residence HallMain Campus
Greenville CentreMain Campus
Grounds Office - HscWest Campus
Grounds Office - MainMain Campus
Grounds Storage - Hsc 1West Campus
Grounds Storage 1Main Campus
Grounds Storage 2Main Campus
Grounds Storage 3Main Campus
Harris BuildingMain Campus
Health Sciences BuildingWest Campus
Howard HouseMain Campus
Howell Science ComplexMain Campus
Igcc ClassroomMain Campus
International HouseMain Campus
Irons AnnexWest Campus
Irons BuildingWest Campus
Jarvis 211-Suite 100Main Campus
Jarvis 211-Suite 200Main Campus
Jarvis Residence HallMain Campus
Jenkins Fine Arts CenterMain Campus
Johnson Soccer StadiumMain Campus
Jones Residence HallMain Campus
Joyner EastMain Campus
Joyner LibraryMain Campus
Lakeside Annex 1West Campus
Lakeside Annex 3West Campus
Lakeside Annex 4West Campus
Lakeside Annex 5West Campus
Lakeside Annex 6West Campus
Lakeside Annex 7West Campus
Lakeside Annex 8West Campus
Legacy Residence HallMain Campus
Leo Jenkins Cancer CenterWest Campus
Mamie Jenkins BuildingMain Campus
Maritime Conservation LabMain Campus
Maritime Wet LabMain Campus
McGinnis AuditoriumMain Campus
Medical Pavilion 1West Campus
Medical Pavilion 10West Campus
Medical Pavilion 2West Campus
Medical Pavilion 3West Campus
Medical Pavilion 4West Campus
Medical Pavilion 5West Campus
Medical Pavilion 6West Campus
Medical Pavilion 7West Campus
Medical Pavilion 8West Campus
Medical Pavilion 9West Campus
Mendenhall Student CenterMain Campus
Messick Theatre Arts CenterMain Campus
Minges ColiseumMain Campus
Moye Medical Center - 517West Campus
Moye Medical Center - 521West Campus
Mr Store ItMain Campus
MriWest Campus
Murphy CenterMain Campus
Nephrology And HypertensionWest Campus
NRC Boat HouseMain Campus
NRC Field HouseMain Campus
NRC Grounds BuildingMain Campus
NRC Pump HouseMain Campus
Old Cafeteria ComplexMain Campus
Pediatric Specialty CareWest Campus
Peds 5thWest Campus
Peds RoyalWest Campus
Physicians Quadrangle CWest Campus
Physicians Quadrangle MWest Campus
Physicians Quadrangle NWest Campus
Pirate Club BuildingMain Campus
Pitt County Memorial HospitalWest Campus
Proctor-Yongue HouseMain Campus
Psychiatric Medicine OutpatienWest Campus
Ragsdale HallMain Campus
Rappel Tower (Wrc)Main Campus
Rawl Building And AnnexMain Campus
Redditt HouseMain Campus
Rivers BuildingMain Campus
Ropes Course StorageMain Campus
Ross HallWest Campus
Ross Place - 602Main Campus
Ross Place - 602DMain Campus
Ross Place - 608Main Campus
Scales Field HouseMain Campus
Science And Technology BuildinMain Campus
Scott Residence HallMain Campus
Select OfficesMain Campus
Self-Help BuildingMain Campus
Shady Lane HouseMain Campus
Slay HallMain Campus
Softball StadiumMain Campus
Speight BuildingMain Campus
Spilman BuildingMain Campus
Steam PlantMain Campus
Student Health CenterMain Campus
Student Recreation CenterMain Campus
Taylor-Slaughter Alumni CenterMain Campus
Teaching AnnexWest Campus
Tedi Bear CACWest Campus
Thomas Professional OfficeWest Campus
Todd Dining HallMain Campus
Track And Field StorageMain Campus
Tyler Residence HallMain Campus
Umstead Residence HallMain Campus
Unc-Csi Marine Service BuildinMain Campus
Uptown 207Main Campus
Uptown 209Main Campus
Wahl-Coates AMain Campus
Wahl-Coates BMain Campus
Wahl-Coates CMain Campus
Wahl-Coates DMain Campus
Wahl-Coates EMain Campus
Wahl-Coates FMain Campus
Wahl-Coates GMain Campus
Ward Grounds StorageMain Campus
Ward Guest HouseMain Campus
Ward Sports Medicine BuildingMain Campus
Warren Life Sciences BuildingWest Campus
West Academic Building (Wrc)Main Campus
West Campus Storage (Wrc)Main Campus
West End Dining HallMain Campus
West Generator Bldg (Wrc)Main Campus
West Grounds Storage (Wrc)Main Campus
West Security Building (Wrc)Main Campus
West Sewage Treatment Bldg (WrMain Campus
West Water Treatment Bldg (WrcMain Campus
Whichard Building And AnnexMain Campus
White Residence HallMain Campus
Williams Harvey Teams BuildingMain Campus
Willis BuildingMain Campus
Wright BuildingMain Campus