Special Event Ceremonies for University Facilities

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TitleSpecial Event Ceremonies for University Facilities
CategoryFinance, Operations and Auxiliary Services

Effective June 18, 2007; Placed in University Policy Manual after EXPEDITED REVIEW, transitioned without substantive change from prior version, March 25, 2013.


Chief of Staff, (252) 328 - 6105

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1. Introduction

1.1. Any special event ceremony of university facilities is considered an institutional event. The purpose of this regulation is to circumscribe who may authorize and who may facilitate these ceremonies.

2. Definitions

2.1. A ,special event ceremony includes, but is not limited to, events, such as a ground-breaking, topping-out, dedication, grand-opening, naming, or other event of or for a university facility for which external audiences are invited. This policy does not refer to regular on-going academic or administrative events of the unit (i.e., lectures, forums, workshops, etc.).

2.2. ,University Facility means a campus building or facility owned by the state of North Carolina and constructed with public or private funds or from self-liquidating sources.

3. Policy

3.1. Only the Chancellor or the Chancellor's designee may authorize ceremonies involving university facilities.

3.2. A division, college, school, unit, department, office, individual, or other entity that wishes to host a ceremony involving any university facility must first make a written request to the Office of the Chancellor and must receive from the Office of the Chancellor written authorization for the event.

3.3. The Office of Special Events shall facilitate these ceremonies. This includes all event details such as scheduling, guest lists, invitations, advertisement, signage, banners, parking, food and beverage, vendors, security, and speakers.

3.4. If an entity needs assistance in making the request to host a ceremony involving any university facility or in interpreting this regulation, the entity may contact the Office of the Chief of Staff or the Office of Special Events