Faculty/Staff Tuition Waiver

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TitleFaculty/Staff Tuition Waiver
CategoryFinance, Operations and Auxiliary Services
Sub-categoryAccounting Services

Issued as Student Financial Services Standard Operating Practice July 7, 2006; revised August 10, 2006; revised April 9, 2009; revised August 6, 2009; revised December 13, 2010; revised August 12, 2014; approved to post as a PRR June 27, 2018.


Student Financial Services Accounting Manager, (252) 737-6886, cashier@ecu.edu

Related Policies

UNC Policy Manual 1000.2.2

UNC Policy Manual 1000.2.2 .1[R]

Additional References

North Carolina General Statute §116-143

Administrative Memorandum # 92

Administrative Memorandum# 401

East Carolina University Cashier Website

Faculty/Staff Tuition and Fee Waiver Procedure and Form P-50A

1. Introduction

North Carolina General Statute section 116-143 and the University of North Carolina Administrative Memoranda #92 and #401 authorize the Board of Governors to provide a waiver of tuition and fees for faculty and staff under certain conditions. The UNC Policy Manual 1000.2.2 and 1000.2.2.1 [R] provides the regulations to implement the waiving of tuition and fees for qualified faculty and staff.

2. Eligibility

Any permanent SHRA, CSS, or EHRA employee of any of the institutions listed below, working 30 or more hours per week for nine or more months per calendar year, is eligible for this waiver.

a.East Carolina University;

b.Any constituent institution of the University of North Carolina;

c.The North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics;

d.The University of North Carolina Hospitals at Chapel Hill; and

e.UNC System Office

The following individuals are “Employees” for purposes of this regulation and are also eligible for the waiver:

a.Military personnel assigned to Reserve Officer Training Corp (ROTC) programs of a constituent institution of the University of North Carolina while under orders;

b.Civilian personnel federally employed 30 or more hours per week on a continuing basis in a position adjunct to an ROTC program of a constituent institution of the University of North Carolina.

Employment and class registration must occur on or before the last day for registration and schedule changes, per the University’s Academic Calendar. Employees seeking enrollment must be academically eligible for the course.The enrollment must not interfere with normal employment obligations. Tuition/Fee Waivers will be granted based on space availability in the course.

3. Requirements and Procedures

The website of the East Carolina University Cashier’s Office provides the appropriate Faculty/Staff Tuition Waiver Form (P-50A), as well as any additional requirements and procedures for courses covered, amount eligible for waiver, course scheduling, completing and submitting a waiver form, late fee assessment and schedule cancellation, and waiver reporting.