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TitleEast Carolina University Athletics
CategoryIntercollegiate Athletics

Approved by the Chancellor September 27, 2016


Associate Athletics Director for Administration (252-737-4531)

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ECU Compliance

ECU Student Athlete Handbook


The American Athletic Conference

ECU Athletics Student Development

ECU Student Athlete Code of Conduct

SAAC Constitution and By-Laws

ECU Athletics Operations and Procedures Manual


    1.1 Pursuant to Appendix I, section XIII, of the Code of the University of North Carolina, the Chancellor of East Carolina University (“ECU”) has ultimate responsibility for supervision of ECU’s Department of Athletics. Reporting to the Chancellor, the Director of Athletics is responsible for leadership, supervision and direction of the Department of Athletics.

    1.2 The Department of Athletics operates within the applicable policies, regulations and guidelines of the State of North Carolina, University of North Carolina Board of Governors (UNC), National Collegiate Athletics Association, and athletics conference affiliation.

    1.3 The Regulations, Rules, Guidelines, and procedures contained in the ECU Student-Athlete Code of Conduct, ECU Student-Athlete Handbook, ECU Athletics Operations and Procedures Manual, and ECU Athletics Compliance Manual provide the Department of Athletics staff, student-athletes, and stakeholders guidance while upholding the department’s mission, vision, and values. There may be additional procedures and guidelines specific to individuals employed by Athletics, for student-athletes, or for specific events. These procedures and guidelines may include more restrictive provisions than this Regulation.

    1.4 Policies established by ECU and the University of UNC take precedence over this regulation and will control in the event there is a conflict between those policies and this Regulation. Notwithstanding that precedence, this Regulation and other ECU Athletic Regulations, Rules, Guidelines, and procedures may impose standards more stringent than, but not in conflict with, other ECU and UNC policies.

    2. PURPOSE

    2.1 The purpose of this Regulation is to ensure accountability, integrity, and expectations for comprehensive excellence of the Department of Athletics in accordance with the university and athletics mission, vision, and values.


    3.1 The Athletics Department Executive Leadership Team (the "Executive Team”)

    3.1.1 Roles and Responsibilities of the Executive Team

    The Executive Team reviews for approval Athletics Department rules, procedures, and guidelines.

    3.1.2 Composition of the Executive Team

    Assigned by the Director of Athletics, the members of the Executive Team is comprised of 5-7 senior level administrators with leadership roles in the Department of Athletics.


    4.1 This Regulation covers all personnel employed in positions within the Department of Athletics, student-athletes, athletics activities and events, athletics-operated facilities, and athletics operations and procedures as covered in accordance with:

    4.1.1 The Athletics Operations and Procedures Manual.

    This manual provides operational direction for areas within the Department of Athletics, including but not limited to:

    Human Resources





    Properties, Facilities & Scheduling



    Summer Sports Camps

    Game Day Operations

    Student-Athlete Experience

    Student Development

    Strength & Conditioning

    Sports Medicine

    Media Relations


    ECU Marketing/Promotions

    Autograph, Non-Profit & Charitable Organizations

    Pirate Club


    Branding/Trademark Licensing

    Athletic Hall of Fame

    4.1.2 The ECU Student-Athlete Handbook.

    This handbook provides expectations and responsibilities of student-athletes, their conduct for their academic pursuits, and well-being, including the ECU Student-Athlete Code of Conduct.

    4.1.3 Athletics Compliance This manual provides operational direction for the adherence and application of NCAA regulations and guidelines. As a voluntary member of the NCAA the university has agreed to adhere to the provisions, regulations, and guidelines of both the constitution and operating by-laws of the NCAA. As a voluntary member of the The American Athletics Conference the university has agreed to adhere to the provisions, regulations, guidelines, and by-laws and constitution of the Conference. East Carolina University is a constituent institution of the University of North Carolina and, as such, must honor all provisions as set forth in University of North Carolina athletics policies.

    4.2 Facilities covered by this Regulation: All facilities assigned to ECU Athletics including, but not limited to: Dowdy-Ficklen Stadium, Williams Arena in Minges Coliseum, Scales Field House, Ward Sports Medicine Building, Murphy Center, Smith-Williams Hall of Fame, Olympic Teams Building, Clark-LeClair Stadium, ECU Softball Stadium, Johnson Soccer Stadium, Bate Track Facility, and Athletics Tennis Courts, among others.

    4.3 All employees, student-athletes, and stakeholders of athletics are expected to abide by and enforce these policies and related procedures, guidelines and regulations.

    4.4 The guidance, rules, and procedures underlying this document are subject to periodic updates. Any such revisions will be conducted in direct consultation with the Office of University Counsel.